Review: Art Models 7

Art Models 7: Dynamic Figures for the Visual Arts by Maureen Johnson My rating: Summary: Artists in search of figures in intense action—flying through the air, punching, kicking, and crouching—will find more than 100 poses of male and female models in 28 categories of dynamic movement in this DVD-ROM that is the latest addition to [...]

What I’ve been working on

Back when I created this blog, I had some art/writing projects going on. That was in 2005-2006. Since then, obviously, a lot of time has passed—enough for me to have moved on, shelved some of those projects temporarily, shelved some others for good… and started new ones as well. As I was recently asked in [...]

Toying with themes

Because I was so fed up with revising all day long… … I spent a couple of hours tonight toying with themes, to try and find something new for this blog. After all, the former theme dated back to 2005 or so; it was high time for a change, wasn’t it? I still don’t know [...]

2006 Science Fiction Calendar

The Website at the End of the Universe presents its free science-fiction calendar for 2006 (it can be downloaded here). This year’s theme is “women in peril”, ilustrated with pulp covers that won’t be unknown to those familiar with the old sci-fi style–a different cover for each month.Said calendar being free, let’s click the linkie [...]

Because Holidays Aren’t The Same Without A Card…

At least I still had the time to do that. Good thing that I’m not too rusty practicing, and can still wipe off a vector drawing in one hour!   Tweet Technorati Tags: card, christmas, holidays, wishes

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