One Lovely Blog Award

1. Thank – my nominator and link back to the site. My thanks go to Tiffany for nominating me for this award! (And also Jenifer) 2. Share – 7 things about myself I dye my hair so often that I don’t even remember what my natural hair colour is. I have a tattoo of a winged [...]

A Few Changes a-coming

A quick update to announce two things: I’ve had this in mind for some time already, and I’ve finally taken a decision: I will progressively ‘get rid’ of my WordPress blog about writing. I will probably use it again later on for other purposes, and I’m not deleting the articles currently on it, but I [...]

Holidays Season

Things are becoming speedy now, what with preparing Christmas, finishing the last-moment gifts, wrapping said gifts, managing the food supplies, and related activities. I’m not going anywhere this year to see family (family comes to me) or to spend the holidays (money will be kept to finance a laptop… or more likely the next batch [...]

Launching The Vectorized Blog

Here’s a blog project I haven’t advertised heavily, since I first wanted to start it and see if I could get it going for more than just a few days. The answer to this being a definite yes, I’m therefore proud to announce that Vectorized is alive and kicking, and that everyone is of course [...]

Performancing Extension For Firefox

I admit it, I’m an extension junkie, and I lay my hands on whatever gets out for Firefox. Nothing surprising, then, to the fact that I grabbed the Performancing extension, which allows you to blog about a page in a split window within your favorite browser (well, alright, my favorite browser). Currently testing it to [...]

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