FYI: Yzabel.Net

A few months ago, I gave in and got a domain name with, well, my pen name in it, and found myself facing the following problem: what to do when you have a brand new to deal with, but nothing to put on it? Granted, this webspace has been put to use for more [...]

Free Blog Hosts

Not that I need any myself, but I thought this list of free blog hosts could be interesting. Since I’m a user of WordPress, and since I consider it like a pretty good platform, here’s in excerpt a list of hosts that function with the WP system:http://www.wordpress.com, among all of these, I use, and [...]

WordPress and Blogger

I can’t quite remember now on whose blog I had seen this mentioned; I know it can’t have been more than two or perhaps three weeks ago. Anyway, for whoever would need this information: there’s an option, in WordPress 2.0′s beta, that allows you to import posts from Blogger to WordPress. This can be quite [...]

Thank Your First Commenter Day

Neil at Citizen of the Month suggests that Thanksgiving should also be First Commenter Day, which, all in all, I find a nice idea. Who would we be, we bloggers, without our readers and commenters, who so kindly let us know what they think of our constant babble and opinions? Today, it is all about [...]

WordPress News

A little dose of news regarding the WordPress platform:1) goes live, at least for the time being. If there’s anyone in this world who hasn’t an account there yet, you can go and sign up without having to receive an invite first. From Matt Mullenweg’s blog: We’ve decided to open up for signups [...]

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