Review: Waking Hell

Waking Hell by Al Robertson My rating: Blurb: Leila Fenech is dead. And so is her brother Dieter. But what’s really pissing her off is how he sold his afterlife as part of an insurance scam and left her to pick up the pieces. She wants him back so she can kick his backside from [...]

Review: The Apothecary’s Curse

The Apothecary’s Curse by Barbara Barnett My rating: Blurb: In Victorian London, the fates of physician Simon Bell and apothecary Gaelan Erceldoune entwine when Simon gives his wife an elixir created by Gaelan from an ancient manuscript. Meant to cure her cancer, it kills her. Suicidal, Simon swallows the remainder—only to find he cannot die. [...]

Review: Cyber World

Cyber World: Tales of Humanity’s Tomorrow by Jason Heller My rating: 3 of 5 stars Blurb: Cybernetics. Neuroscience. Nanotechnology. Genetic engineering. Hacktivism. Transhumanism. The world of tomorrow is already here, and the technological changes we all face have inspired a new wave of stories to address our fears, hopes, dreams, and desires as Homo sapiens [...]

Review: Wraithborn

Wraithborn by Joe Benítez My rating: Blurb: He was trained from birth to inherit a mythical power. She is the timid teenage girl to whom it was bestowed instead. Together only they can stop an ancient evil from rising and enslaving all humankind. An epic urban fantasy from the creator of Lady Mechanika! Collects all [...]

Review: Invisible Planets

Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation by Ken Liu My rating: Blurb: Award-winning translator and author Ken Liu presents a collection of short speculative fiction from China. Some stories have won awards; some have been included in various ‘Year’s Best’ anthologies; some have been well reviewed by critics and readers; and some are [...]

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