Website: The Fantastic Written Works of… Me

Until today, I had only mentioned it in a couple of places, but now that I’ve more or less finished building it, I’ve realized that I haven’t even written a word about it here on the Y Logs! Time to change that, I say. (To those who’ve already seen a similar announcement in the past [...]

Deep Magic

I don’t know how late I am exactly on this topic, since I only noticed it today on the Niltoy forums. In any case, for those of you who knew this e-zine as well as for those who had never heard of it, Deep Magic is closing down after August 31st, and in the process, [...]

Nice Review

With my Internet connection behaving in quite a hectic way during the past week or so, I hadn’t really kept up to date with many posts, blogs and the likes (as could be seen easily enough–it’s Murphy’s law in action: when the connection drops dead, it’s always from 6pm to the next morning!). This is [...]

FYI: Yzabel.Net

A few months ago, I gave in and got a domain name with, well, my pen name in it, and found myself facing the following problem: what to do when you have a brand new to deal with, but nothing to put on it? Granted, this webspace has been put to use for more [...]

Misunderstandings Or Real Attacks?

I’m pondering this matter today, after having considered a discussion I’ve had (well, started, too) on a forum in the past few days.The thread itself turned out in an unexpected way. I was ready to wake up to a flood of insults and to an angry mob flaming me for my “evil” views (which all [...]

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