It’s been a while, really. Due to various circumstances, including several writing & drawing projects as well as my studies and a couple of competiting exams, I’ve sorely neglected this blog, and I regret it; I’ve always kept fond memories of it, and I wouldn’t like it to remain dead. I should’ve worked on it, [...]

A New Playlist Is (Finally) Here!

It took me one year to come up at last with a new lil’ playlist for the here… And given the time of the year, what could be more suitable than one that I will use to keep me pumped up for NaNoWriMo! Of course, once again, this is only but a glimpse of [...]

With September Almost Gone…

I’ve been a bad girl, I admit. I haven’t written much in the past few weeks, due to practicing English through exercises, diving back into some needed artwork, and trying to prepare for college as best as I could. Now is the week I’m finally settling down in my broom cupboard in S, and there [...]

The Great Disk Failure of July 2006

Time for another update, but not a happy one, I’m afraid. One day, I’ll learn. Oh, yes, I swear it: one day, I’ll learn to make backups more regularly when it comes to my “unachieved” data, instead of stupidly dwelling in that odd pefectionism of mine that causes me to burn a CD/DVD only when [...]

The Much Needed Update!

I cannot believe that it took me so long to post here again! Somehow, my mind had managed to convince itself that it had been only a couple weeks. It’s just like me to think “I’ll post an update later on today, when I have more time to think it through”, and to… just forget. [...]

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