Not Dead

No, I’m not dead, I just haven’t been in the mood for blogging much these days. Coupled with being away the past week-end, fighting with scenes from my novel that wouldn’t go my way (see the “NaNo” blog for this), and falling sick (as usual every two months or so), life’s been full. Alright, to [...]

Because I Felt Like It

I don’t especially feel like writing tonight–or, rather, the writing I’ll be doing will be for my upcoming WIP, not for a blog–but I still feel like sharing something amusing. So here in all his glory, I introduce Vulcain, in one of his favorite positions: Tweet Technorati Tags: dog, funny, vulcain

Happy New Year 2006 (Very Original Title)

Into 2006 we now are. It’s odd. Poof, in a snap of fingers, it was 00:01, and another year. Where has 2005 gone? Time is a weird, weird concept. I’m not taking any resolutions for the year. Resolutions begin to sound like saying “I’ll go to the gym every day”, only to give up comes [...]

What About The Writing During The Holidays?

I’m not proud to announce that I haven’t done as much as I could have, in the past week, when it comes to writing. On the other hand, I suppose that the whole Christmas holidays thing isn’t “the right time to write” for many people, and that I’m no exception.I’m slowly reaching my 75k goal–I [...]

The NaNo Playlist Is Here

Time to change the radio’s contents again. These are a few of the songs and instrumental pieces I’ve gathered to keep me inspired not only during November, but also while preparing the outline, working on the characters, etc.The novel’s genre is sci-fi with a healthy dose of cyberpunk, so let’s not be too surprised at [...]

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