So You Know Me Better Than I Do?

Today’s entry is going to be a somewhat bitter reflexion, since I’m getting more and more tired of arguing about these things.Why is it that people keep on telling me that I’m too young to decide to remain childfree, but not too young to decide to take on the commitment of bringing up a child [...]

The Need for Deadlines

I must be psychic somehow. I had been toying with this revelation for most of the day, slowly putting it into words, when, guess what, my RSS aggregator picked this post at To-Done. Well, it doesn’t matter: I still feel the need to write down all of this.Although it’s not as sudden an illumination as [...]

Mind and Body

I recently enough saw this question in some meme on a blog I can’t remember now, but the implications of it made me think twice.If you were to live 90 years and could choose between retaining the body of a 30-years old or the mind of a 30-years old, what would you choose?In all honesty, [...]

Working From Home

Since most of my job is currently done this way, I was quite interested, a few days ago, when Keith Robinson from To-Done posted his compiled list of things to do to be productive working from home. Sure, it can appear like the ideal way of working, and something that everyone would want to do. [...]

Quid de l’imagination…?

Un peu plus tôt dans la soirée, occupée à explorer les diverses chaînes de notre abonnement TPS nouveau-né, j’ai été frappée par une scène apparemment des plus banales sur Tfou – une petite vache en images de synthèse, invitant son jeune public à lui envoyer diverses occupations pour l’été car, disait-elle, “sa maman n’avait rien [...]

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