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Although these days, I’m mostly active here with book reviews, I haven’t stopped writing. On the contrary. You may have noticed the little NaNoWriMo widget in the side bar, by the way; by now it should tell you that I’ve completed my 50k this year again—and don’t be surprised if I post more about this [...]

Online novel (at last)

It is a public fact that sometimes, I am a real millstone. In order to illustrate that rule, I had of course to put stuff online, mention it everywhere, and… totally forget to write about it on my own blog. Ain’t I dumb! I’m thus taking a few minutes this morning to post a belated [...]

A Tale of Woe

[Since I haven't been posting much lately--that's the least we can say, hmmm?--here's a little "fan-fiction" story. It's nothing original in itself, and far from being my best, but it kept me writing in English all the same. For the record, it's set in the Warcraft universe, more precisely after WC III: Frozen Throne (I [...]

Character Conversations – I

Where the author meets two of her lead protagonists face to face to discuss their future…Damn characters who can never stay quiet, and always need to rant, argue, and demand me to take them to other directions than planned at first! Alright, so this is the product of a late-night writing session, after a fiery [...]

Et In Arcadia Nos – Part 4

[Last installment of this story. Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.]First came the terror, the terror at seeing how Ewell was wiped off the surface of the planet in a matter of minutes, after the first and last use of the A-M bomb prototype. No more shiny cristal cities, no more communications, no [...]

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