Self-Printing In A Virtual World

I know I haven’t done much in terms of blogging this past week, but this is something I plan on remedying to. Somehow, this mini-break was a good thing anyway. In the meantime, I’ve found (completely by chance) a few interesting things in Second Life. I’ve had an account there since the summer of 2004–I [...]

Virtual Disease in a Virtual World

Even though I haven’t found many sources yet to confirm this, it looks like World of Warcraft now has to deal with a disease spreading to other players’ characters, and bearing the charming name of “Corrupted Blood”. Here’s what pigz at Shacknews has to say about it: Blizzard adds in a new instance, Zul’Gurub. Inside [...]

Orion’s Arm: A Science-Fiction World in the Making

Sisyphean posted an annoucement about this at Writers Blog Alliance, and after taking a peek at the webpage, I thought it’s a pretty interesting project, worth being advertised a little more. Without further ado, let me thus introduce you to Orion’s Arm, a collaborative project aiming at creating a science-fiction universe, complete from breeds to [...]

The Daedalus Project

Some may have noticed that I’ve added this link in my list in the sidebar of this blog. The Daedalus Project is indeed worth a visit, and repeated ones, even, from whomever is interested in surveys, statistics and psychology about the world of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). Articles and research include various themes, [...]

Games, Choices, Morality?

Reading the news at lunch today, I spotted what seemed to me like an interesting article in the Toronto Star, raising quite an amount of questions regarding moral choices in games: Her husband notices you watching his tryst. He begs you not to tell his wife, and offers you cash to keep his secret. So, [...]


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