WordPress and Blogger

I can’t quite remember now on whose blog I had seen this mentioned; I know it can’t have been more than two or perhaps three weeks ago. Anyway, for whoever would need this information: there’s an option, in WordPress 2.0′s beta, that allows you to import posts from Blogger to WordPress. This can be quite [...]

WordPress News

A little dose of news regarding the WordPress platform:1) WordPress.com goes live, at least for the time being. If there’s anyone in this world who hasn’t an account there yet, you can go and sign up without having to receive an invite first. From Matt Mullenweg’s blog: We’ve decided to open up WordPress.com for signups [...]

Install Flock And Get A WordPress.com Account

Via Blogging Pro: if you go to the WordPress.com page, you’ll see the following message: “Want WordPress.com? Then download Flock”. The necessary link to do so is provided, but just for the record, here’s where to find the download page directly. Once you have installed Flock, just click “Getting Started”, right under the standard navigation [...]

NaNoWriMo: A Blog

Alright, I’m a blogging freak these days, I admit it.The thing is, as I mentioned some time ago, I have this WordPress.com account sitting in silence, and I couldn’t decide on what I’d do with it. After having mulled over this during the week-end, I came to the conclusion that I could maybe use it [...]

WordPress.com, Here I Come

I had almost forgotten having entered my e-mail address on wordpress.com for an invite. Today, right out of a far away galaxy, an invite popped in my inbox. And now I’m wondering: “What will I use it for?” There are many, many domains of interest I could want to make a blog about, yet I [...]

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