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Although these days, I’m mostly active here with book reviews, I haven’t stopped writing. On the contrary. You may have noticed the little NaNoWriMo widget in the side bar, by the way; by now it should tell you that I’ve completed my 50k this year again—and don’t be surprised if I post more about this [...]

No matter what I write, it sucks

Or at least, that’s the way I often feel. Although it’s not true. Well, not completely. (What, did you think this ost was going to be about me moping from beginning to end? Think twice.) I’m positive I’m far from being the only writer going through such conundrums. Am I? Those days when you work [...]

Dystopian YA worlds: Show us why they’re wrong

What follows is worth for any dystopian story, but I’ve noticed this phenomenon in YA dystopias, more specifically. It all arose from a discussion I was having on Goodreads, regarding a book I finished a few days ago, and I’ve been thinking it might be worth addressing in a blog post. (Please note that I’m [...]

Cover project: Was

This isn’t exactly a true “cover reveal”, as in I’m not doing it to announce an upcoming book (well, not so soon, at any rate). But I’ve had a lot of fun and excitement working on a cover project for the first part of my story “Was”, and of course I’m eager to share it. [...]

An interview about “Was”

This is no news for anyone who’s been following my dA page, but I realized that since at the time it was done, I hadn’t resurrected this blog yet, it might be of interest to post it here all the same. Even though it’s, as said, no news, it’s pretty much atemporal enough for this [...]

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