Separating the Siamese twins

I’m not talking about cats or a piece of news, but about a process initiated some time ago, grown in my little mind by what’s left of my brains, fed with the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, and finally blossomed in full. This is to say that I separated in two distinct entities (in brief, [...]

Surprise! A Better Idea Comes In

It’s not the first time I experience this, and everytime it’s like a new revelation: at some points when I’m planning a story (or rather, building its background), I come up at the weirdest moments with an idea that leaves me all excited, as well as wondering why the heck I hadn’t thought of it [...]

The Future Before The Present

Today’s the first day of the month, and as planned, I’ve started writing down the plan for The Wall of Silence (first volume in the trilogy). While doing so, and while referring to previous writings I had done for this project–which I’ll keep, but only if they fit the new plan–I came to wonder about [...]

You Want To Write In What?

No kidding, I must really be doomed when it comes to short stories. I’m working on a quick plan for a text in French, one that I will send to the Harfang association. I don’t have that many hopes, since everybody here knows how much I suck at short stories, but one needs to start [...]

Role-Playing Games, Novels and World-Building

This week-end, I went back to sweet hometown and met with friends I hadn’t seen in a few years. Knowing who we are and what our common background is, there was no doubt that it would end with a tabletop RPG session, and no surprise here, it happened. One of my friends had in fact [...]

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