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Posted on October 6th, 2012 @ 08:21
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Since the first time I did NaNoWriMo, in 2005, I think the only year I didn’t subscribe was 2008, because of the competitive exam I was preparing for. Otherwise, this event’s been a part of my life every year. Even in 2006, when I failed and didn’t care that much.

Now, as I’ve already posted on my FB page a few days ago, I’m wondering if I should sign up this year.


- I have no specific idea for a new, complete story. Only for novels I should go on working on. So no new, exciting world building project or whatever to keep me fuelled.

- I didn’t pass the Agrégation exam in July, and thus am taking it again this year. The overachiever in me keeps on saying “focus on that only”.


- The human part in me, on the other hand, says: “If all you do is having a stressful job AND work AND work more, you’ll turn crazy in no time.” Point taken.

- I’m on holidays from October 27 to November 11. Which means 11 days during which I can easily devote time to writing. Let’s be honest, it’s been years I haven’t had such an opportunity in November!

- It’s time I write for Was again, now that I’ve reworked the story and got rid of the gaping plot holes left in hit from NaNo 2009. Or the last third of Our Darker Purpose. Or even just go on typing my Fragments/RPG session reports (it’s a part about zombies invading the city, now seriously why wouldn’t I want to write about that, right?). It’s not like I’m lacking projects, after all, even though they aren’t ‘new’ ones.

Well… Knowing myself, I’ll probably decide to do NaNo all the same, on a whim, on November 1st, at 6am. That’s pretty much what I did last year, and I wrote 100k+ frigging words *and* did my job *and* worked on preparing for the first part of the Agrégation (which was the part I passed; it’s only the second part I failed). Quod erat demonstrandum, and all that?


The serious, work-only girl in me is still going “tut-tut” and “just focus on WORK.”

Maybe I should smack her with a shovel to shut her up?


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