Performancing Extension For Firefox

Posted on December 20th, 2005 @ 23:03
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I admit it, I’m an extension junkie, and I lay my hands on whatever gets out for Firefox. Nothing surprising, then, to the fact that I grabbed the Performancing extension, which allows you to blog about a page in a split window within your favorite browser (well, alright, my favorite browser). Currently testing it to write this very post, I must say that so far, it’s proved quite an interesting add-on, and worth the try, if only because one doesn’t need to bother with pop-up windows or, worse, leaving the web page one’s blogging about.

I can’t say yet how it’s going to behave with different kinds of blogs, but at least on and right now here on WP 1.5, it seems to be working well enough.

So, the word is out, if you want it, grab it here: Performancing for Firefox (Firefox 1.5; aye, kids, you need to upgrade from time to time).Y Tags: | | | |


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