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Posted on November 18th, 2007 @ 10:50
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It occurred to me that this year, I’ve added a new playlist to this blog to celebrate NaNoWriMo, but have also completely forgotten to actually, uhm, mention it. Considering the fact that I hadn’t changed the old playlist in more than one year, I suppose it was high time that I did so. Since I incidentally added a couple more songs between November 1st and now, here are the titles of what you can listen on it.

As a little game (and because I was asked in a comment on my ‘writing excerpts blog’, which has locked entries due to various reasons, and is mostly used during the NaNoing month anyway), I also added alternative titles. These are not to be all viewed as specific scenes in the novel, nor ar they in any particular order, but they’re the kind of titles I would give if I were to compose my own soundtrack–I cannot write without music, and I’m a sucker for soundtracks, really. If you wish, feel free to toy with these and imagine what kind of scenes they could correspond to. It’s a game I like playing as well.

01 – Those Who Wanted To Stop The Fire (World of Warcraft – The Shaping of the World)
02 – Victoria (Pirates of the Caribbean OST – He’s A Pirate)
03 – Morning in Aralin (YAMANE Michiru – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – Lost Paintings)
04 – Weaving the Energies (YAMANE Michiru – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – House of Sacred Remains)
05 – No Witness Shall Remain (YAMANE Michiru – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – Dark Night Toccata (Walter’s theme))
06 – The Land of a Thousand Dangers (Ancient Rites – The Return)
07 – My Life Is Thine Own (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Continually Changing Fate)
08 – A Bond That Cannot Fade (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Contract)
09 – Fighting the Shadows ~ Taeresh’s Theme (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Emiya (Kenji Kawai ver.))
10 – Only In You Can I Trust (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Inheriting the Seal)
11 – The One Who Could Not See The Sun ~ Kheril’s Theme (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Lonely Pilgrimage)
12 – Memories of the Church (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Spiritual Abyss)
13 – The Catacombs (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – The Black Cross)
14 – The Moons over the Roofs ~ Ari’s Theme (KAWAI Kenji – Fate_Stay night OST – Night of Fate)
15 – Hive Mind (Bleach OST – Nothing Can Be Explained (Vocal Ver.))
16 – A Shadow in a Land of Light ~ Tanaquil’s Theme (Full Metal Alchemist OST – Dante)
17 – The Time Has Come ~ Taellan’s Theme (Haendel – Sarabande)
18 – The Path of the Pilgrims (Narnia OST – Evacuating London)
19 – Under the Eye of God (Star Ocean 2 OST – Lose One’s Illusions)
20 – Confession (Star Ocean 3 OST – Chrysanthemum in Winter)
21 – Riding the Wave (Star Ocean 3 OST – Influence of Truth Appearance)
22 – Lurker in the Cathedral (Star Ocean 3 OST – Interval of Freezed Time)
23 – Mind Travellers (Star Ocean 3 OST – Into a Storm not Memorized)
24 – Haven (Star Ocean 3 OST – Into the Undiscovery Ocean)
25 – Negotiators ~ Marcus’ Theme (Star Ocean 3 OST – Misted Moon)
26 – A Keeper’s Nightmare ~ Iswann’s Theme (Star Ocean 3 OST – Sail Against the Wind)
27 – From the Silent Waters (Star Ocean 3 OST – So Alone, Be Sorrow)
28 – The Jewel of Ehomar (Star Ocean 3 OST – The Desolate Smell of Earth)
29 – ~ Potential End Credits ~ (Aoife Ní Fhearraigh – Metal Gear Solid OST – The Best is Yet to Come)
30 – ~ Potential End Credits Take Two ~ (Xenosaga OST – In This Serenity)

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