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Posted on January 19th, 2007 @ 20:37
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Until today, I had only mentioned it in a couple of places, but now that I’ve more or less finished building it, I’ve realized that I haven’t even written a word about it here on the Y Logs! Time to change that, I say.

(To those who’ve already seen a similar announcement in the past days: you can stop reading here, there’s nothing new under the sun for you.
Also: the website is mostly in French. Sorry about that. I’m focusing it on my career in my native country, that’s why… but you can still have a look if you wish, I don’t mind participation in English, and I will of course answer in English as well.)

More than one year ago, I had already mentioned my little domain name, and had vaguely used it for a purpose I’ve given up on since then. However, recently, I’ve decided to really do something with it this time, and not a pitiful blog. Therefore, I took on the opportunity to test a certain CMS and design a new site, a site that’ll be focused on my career as an author (amateur as well as upcoming one, because my dreams are strong and my pen very industrious)

.Contrary to my writing LJ, I’m not going to note down there a detailed account of how well my writing is going (or not). I want it to be a little more… let’s say ‘open’. On the other hand, I’m seriously toying with the idea of publishing Unsung Heroes on it, since I can’t do much with that story in France anyway. And Unsung Heroes WILL remain in English.

If you’ve visited one year ago and found it completely lame (which I easily understand), or even if you had never seen it, this is the kind of new things you’ll find on it. And I do hope that one day, that page will become “the website of famous author Yzabel”. /smile/

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